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Five Schools Combine to Discuss Regenerative Agriculture

RegenAgImageBig ideas were planted with more than 100 students from five schools across the region when they combined to discuss regenerative agriculture on Tuesday 10th April 2018.  Image - Armidale High School's Bec Smith (L), Dr Maarten Stapper and Sara Schmude pictured at the event. Photo courtesy of Meg Francis. Check out the full story here. 

First Release of Captive-Hatched Baby Bell’s Turtles

Bells Turtle hatchlings 006More than 100 baby Bell’s Turtles will provide a major boost to the wild population of this endangered species after being released into the Macdonald River at seven sites near Bendemeer, north of Tamworth in April 2018. The release of turtle hatchlings through the Turtles Forever program is the result of a unique partnership between a detection dog, local farmers, ecologists and researchers.

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Blackberry in the New England

BlackberryIt is the responsibility of all land owners and managers to control weeds on their lands (Biosecurity Act 2015 – General Biosecurity Duty). With the recent enactment of the Biosecurity legislation in NSW it is also the responsibility of landholders to ensure they do not allow weeds to spread to neighboring properties. An example of unintentional weed spread is blackberries as seeds are largely spread by birds and animals that eat the fruit and excrete seed elsewhere. This highlights the need for all land managers to treat blackberry and other weeds on their land so as to minimise or prevent their spread.

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Transport Fund to Help Drought-Affected Farmers

freestocks org 100754 unsplashSMALLA new Drought Transport Fund announced by the NSW Government will help farmers manage livestock through dry conditions. The NSW Drought Transport Fund will provide up to $20,000 in low interest loans, with a two-year interest and repayment free period.

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Events & Opportunities

Farm Planning with AgroEcology starts soon

FarmingWithAgroecologySmallSoil Land Food's David Hardwick will run 4 days of farm planning with an innovation twist starting on Thursday 26 - Friday 27 April and concluding on Thursday 17 - Friday 18 May. The RSVP date has been extended to Friday 20th April, so there is still time to register!

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NTS Certificate in Nutrition Farming

NTS Certificate in Nutrition Farming Flyer9am to 5pm 7th - 10 May 2018 at the Living Classroom, Bingara.

Transform your farming, your garden and yourself with Graeme Sait. 

Peter Norwood | Balancing Nutrients for Good Nutrition

PeterNorwoodEventAre you (or your livestock) thriving nutritionally? What are the signs & symptoms? Do you need to break through animal health and production barriers?

Join us to hear Peter Norwood relate human and animal health and nutrition to plant and soil health and nutrition to be held at Kentucky AND Guyra. Choose your venue!

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Carbon Farming Workshop with Gwymac Landcare

carbon farming 2018 2 01 01Gwymac Landcare will host a Carbon Farming Workshop on 17th May at Inverell. Click here to download the flier.

$30M Skills Boost for Small Business

TAFE Digital HQ headshotNew free courses delivered across state from Armidale.

Member for Northern Tablelands and Minister responsible for TAFE NSW Adam Marshall recently announced local small businesses and their staff now have access to free business skills training thanks to a new $30 million NSW Government initiative aimed at helping small businesses grow and thrive.

Image - Northern Tablelands MP and Minister responsible for TAFE NSW Adam Marshall is delighted that the new TAFE Digital headquarters will be delivering the new $30 million Skills for Business program across the state.

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Regenerative terminology taking hold

Several new labels have been introduced in the US recently, which seek to move beyond USDA organic. Interestingly, the article at the following link provides some definitions for 'regenerative'. https://civileats.com/2018/03/12/what-does-the-new-regenerative-organic-certification-mean-for-the-future-of-good-food/.

The Science behind Holistic Management

The Science behind Holistic Management may prove an interesting resource, particularly for those who attended our farm tour on 12th April to the Emmery and McPhie properties east of Armidale where holistic management was mentioned a number of times!

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