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Speaker to Link Soil Health and Human Health


In recognition of the very difficult drought times we are experiencing, this is now a FREE EVENT courtesy of Harnham Landcare Group and Southern New England Landcare Ltd. Participants must register (see below) for catering purposes.

Landholders and community members in the Southern New England will soon have the opportunity to hear from a renowned speaker who links the health of the soil to the health of plants, animals and ultimately humans.

Peter Norwood is an agronomist, animal nutritionalist and human nutrition consultant specialising in nutritional balancing. He is based in Victoria, and will be in the Southern New England as a guest of the Harnham Landcare Group and Southern New England Landcare.

Group member, Karen Zirkler, said “We are very much looking forward to hosting Peter – he attracted a large crowd last time he was in the region, and we want to enable more members and friends to take advantage of his broad knowledge.”

“As his business name, Full Circle Nutrition, suggests, Peter starts with getting on-farm soil nutrition right, so that pasture or crop nutrition is right,” she said. “This facilitates good nutrition in grazing animals, and potentially leads to better human nutrition,” said Karen.

Guyra landholder, Mr Derek Smith hosted Peter last time he was in the region and has been integral in getting Peter up to speak for a second time.

“I came across Peter when he was the only Australian speaker at an ACRES USA conference I attended in Omaha, Nebraska,” said Derek.

“Producers who attend Peter’s talks leave with a far greater understanding of how and why they need to keep their soil in good health. Peter has a wealth of knowledge on animal issues, such as worms, external parasites, pink eye, worts and many other diseases. These issues can become more apparent in very dry times, such as we are experiencing at present. This time Peter will focus on Barber’s Pole Worm, water quality for stock, and of course touch on human health as well,” said Derek.

All members and friends are invited to hear Peter speak from 9am to 4pm:

1. 9am to 4pm Kentucky on Wednesday 16th May. Book for this location at https://www.stickytickets.com.au/66251 

2. 9am to 4pm Guyra on Thursday 17th May. Book for this location at https://www.stickytickets.com.au/66257 

FREE but participants must register for catering purposes. Morning tea and lunch provided.

Dowload the flier here. Enquiries to 02 6772 9123 or mail@snelandcare.org.au

This project is supported by NENW Landcare Network Chairs Inc. and Northern Tablelands Local Land Services, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program. Image courtesy of Blair Fraser via Unsplash.

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