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Vinnies Makes Drought Support Available Locally

DroughtImageVinnies320As this devastating drought continues, remember, you are not alone.

St Vincent de Paul Society is working locally to roll out this support to farmers in our area. Download a detailed flier here.

The funding is available for farmers, farm workers and farm suppliers/contractors facing hardship due to drought. It can be used to spend in local communities or to cover urgent bills such as food, petrol and utilities. The $3,000 per household can consist of up to $2,000 in cash and $1,000 in vouchers.

St Vincent de Paul Society are distributing packages to affected people in the Armidale, Glen Innes, Gunnedah, Gwydir, Inverell, Moree, Narrabri, Tamworth, Tenterfield, Uralla, Walcha and Walgett districts.

To access this support contact (02) 5776 0200 (Armidale) and one of their representatives will call you back to help your family.

The Drought Communities Programme (DCP) supports communities in the most drought-affected regions of Australia and builds on the more than $5.7 billion in additional Australian Government drought support measures already announced. The Drought Community Support Initiative information page can be found at https://regional.gov.au/regional/programs/drought-communities.aspx

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Regent Honeyeater Project Takes Flight

Regent Honeyeater DEAN INGWERSEN320The Regent Honeyeater is a unique Australian songbird on the verge of extinction, with fewer than 400 estimated to survive in the wild.

At this level every individual counts, and the Northern Tablelands is significant for the conservation of this critically endangered species as breeding pairs regularly establish nests in our region.

Find details of the Regent Honeyeater field day here, or read on for more information on the project.

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Calling all Kingstown & Yarrowyck Area Residents

woodland open foregroundRESIZED

Do you live in the Kingstown or Yarrowyck area? Are you keen to fire up your old Landcare group, or perhaps just do some Landcare type work on your own place as an individual? Have you ever thought about:

  • Fencing that hard-to-access remnant of native vegetation?
  • Fencing off a creek to assist with easier livestock management?
  • Establishing some shelter belts/wind breaks/wildlife corridors in an open area of your farm?
  • Getting some technical advice on native vegetation?

Well, opportunities are coming your way soon with the launch of the Turning the tide on threatened species - Regent Honeyeater project and it's related field days.

Southern New England Landcare Coordinators are keen to help landholders in your area to do some action planning, because these types of activities will be eligible for financial and technical assistance through this project. We look forward to hearing from you! Give us a call on 6772 9123 or mail@snelandcare.org.au

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Managing Native Vegetation On-Farm After Bush Fire

Burnt tree over fence320Following recent bush fires that devastated both farms and public land around Tingha, Jennings to Sandy Hills, Drake and Tabulam in the Northern Tablelands region, many landholders are now asking how to manage native vegetation on their fire-damaged properties.

If there is an imminent risk of injury or damage to property landholders can clear native vegetation, including trees. Clearing should be undertaken to the minimum extent necessary.

Image - If you need to clear fire-impacted fence lines on your property, you can clear tracks to the minimum extent necessary without needing approval. In the Northern Tablelands this minimum extent is a distance of no more than 30 metres total width.

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Feral Fighters Ready for Action

feral pigs320A call to arms is going out across the Northern Tablelands to arrest invasive species in our landscape.

With the economic impact of pest animals in NSW estimated to be $170 million, Northern Tablelands Local Land Services are unveiling a program to provide landowners with the tools they need to help manage feral animals.  

Image - By working together in the Feral Fighters program, a wider knockdown of the target species, in this case feral pigs, can be achieved.

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Dry Sowing for Quicker Feed

farmer sewing in dry paddock Jennifer Ingall ABC320Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Agronomists, Georgie Oakes and Jeff Lowien note that dry sowing of winter cereal forage crops is an option that a number of producers are considering to achieve quicker feed for when it does rain.

Obviously there are risks involved but for quite a few it may be worth a punt, at least for a portion of your planned area of cereal forage crops.

Image - Dry sowing winter cereal forage crops is an option that some farmers are considering at the moment. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Ingall, ABC.

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Armidale Urban Rivercare Events in March 2019

AURG 9 October 2011 St Peters North

Armidale Urban Rivercare has a great line-up of community events coming your way during March...

Maintenance Monday - We will continue with our weeding and woody weed control near Site 13.

When: 3.00 pm Monday 4th March.

Where: Near Site 13 downstream from the Prickly Problems sign, accessed off Erskine Street at the Phil Wheaton Soccer Fields or along the bicycle track.

What to bring: BYO long sleeved shirt, long pants and sturdy boots. Please also bring gloves, broad brim hat and sunscreen. AURG will provide equipment.

Working Bee Sunday - We will be continuing with the planting Eucalyptus, Leptospermum and Juncus sp.

When: 8.30 am Sunday 10th March.

Where: Dumaresq Creek upstream of junction of Yoogoonda Gully with Dumaresq Creek accessed along bicycle way. Vehicles enter at either Holmes Avenue or Cnr. Jeffery Street and Douglas Street.

What to bring: BYO long sleeved shirt, long pants and sturdy boots. Please also bring gloves, broad brim hat and sunscreen.

AURG will provide equipment, morning tea and BBQ lunch for a gold coin donation.

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'Every Tree Counts' Planting Day

EveryTreeCounts Page 1 320The 16th of March will see Armidale Tree Group and friends planting their very first 'stepping stone' in the Saumarez Creek Corridor. With the help of volunteers, they are hoping to plant 2000 trees and shrubs in the Enmore Travelling Stock Reserve (TSR)!

This will be the first of many stepping stones and larger habitat patches along the Saumarez Creek, eventually linking Dangars Falls to Invergowrie, providing connectivity across the fractured tablelands, allowing threatened and declining bird species like the Speckled Warbler, Brown Treecreeper and Scarlet Robin to move through the landscape. In the future, it will also allow koalas to move towards cooler habitat.

This is an activity for all ages and the Armidale Tree Group would love to see you there. The planting will start at 3pm and finish at 6pm. A BBQ with meat and vegetarian options will be at 5pm. Please RSVP to the Armidale Tree Group 02 6771 1620 for catering purposes. Download a flier with all the information here.

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NPWS Gondwana Rainforest Birthday Tagalong Tour

TagalongOxley A4 poster320Twenty five years ago in 1994, large areas of national parks along the Great Dividing Range were added to the World Heritage list in recognition of the outstanding globally important values they contain. 

To celebrate this anniversary, NSW NPWS invite the community to join a unique 4WD tagalong tour, showcasing the incredible landscapes that make these parks so special. The tour will include an overnight camp in the remote Carrai National Park, providing a unique insight into our ancient Gondwana rainforests. Download a flier here.

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Grants & Opportunities

Ideas? Action Planning Assistance Now Available for Groups

diego ph 249471smallIf you and your neighbours are keen to do landcare-type projects in your area, why not have a group get-together around the barbecue, and ask one of our Local Landcare Coordinators to come out and assist with some group action planning? We can also assist you to develop project idea(s) and source funding or other resources. The group need not be a formal landcare group, it could be just a keen group of neighbours.

Alternatively, if you are a member and would like to would like to 'shelve' your project idea(s) with us until a suitable opportunity arises, why not fill out a Southern New England Landcare Expression of Interest form? We can help members develop their project ideas, or include them in a regional-scale project idea, and submit to a suitable funding opportunity when the time comes. Anyone wishing to have an Expression of Interest held on file is required to be a member of Southern New England Landcare.

If you are interested in pursuing this further contact us by phone on 6772 9123 or at mail@snelandcare.org.au.

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