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A Tinge of Green

NorthUrandangieCreekCrossing320Creek restoration and property planning for high production at ‘Urandangie’

Field event 10 am - 1 pm Wednesday 31st July 2019

A short, free field event will be held at Urandangie, east of Guyra. The owner, Bill Perrottet will talk about the work that has been done on Urandangie Creek, current works that are underway on North Urandangie and what he has planned for the future of the property to improve the level of on-farm biodiversity on this highly productive farm. Bill will also talk about his approach to pasture management including precision fertiliser technology and pasture cropping.

Download the flier here. 

Register NowA Tinge of Green - Creek restoration & property planning for high production at 'Urandangie'

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UNE SmartFarms Open Day 13 June

UNE has their third SMART Farms Open Day coming up on Thursday the 13th of June, covering a range of topics including livestock monitoring, AskBill, aquatic ecology, SMART Farms education and the SMART Region Incubator. The day will start with morning tea at 9.30am and finish with the painting of a blue tree to highlight rural mental health followed by lunch at 12.45pm. Download the flier for more details including RSVP contacts and date or visit the website at www.une.edu.au/smartfarms

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NSW Landcare & LLS Conference - Broken Hill

Registrations are now open for the biannual conference. Informative and insightful speakers, amazing workshops and field trips, as well as a number of unforgettable social events is what awaits those who venture out west to Broken Hill on 22-24 October 2019!

Southern New England Landcare encourages members and friends to take this opportunity to visit a special part of NSW for a great event on the Landcare calendar.

REGISTER NOW for the 2019 NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference.

Image of the Simpson Desert near Broken Hill courtesy of TripAdvisor.

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2019 Coordinated Fox Control Program

63 2019 Fox Baiting Control Program Flyer June July Page 1NT LLS are coordinating this year's Fox Control Program in the Southern New England region and are encouraging everyone to get involved. Download the flier here to see dates and local group contacts.

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Can you give the Regent Honeyeater 3 minutes of your time?

Taking this 3-question survey could help save the species!

Regent Honeyeater photo Paul McDonald 2019 320pThe Regent Honeyeater is a unique Australian songbird on the verge of extinction, with fewer than 400 individuals estimated to survive in the wild.

By aswering 3 simple questions, you can assist us to establish baseline information about the current levels of awareness of the Regent Honeyeater.

Completing this survey should take less than 3 minutes. The questions you see when you click on the link are:

1. To what degree are you interested in woodland birds? (1-10 scale).
2. What makes it difficult or challenging for you to identify a Regent Honeyeater?
3. What do you see as beneficial or rewarding about being able to identify a Regent Honeyeater?

The "Turning the tide on threatened species - Regent Honeyeater" project seeks to gain the support of the whole community to raise awareness of the Regent Honeyeater, and to empower and assist the community with resources and funding to take actions that address threats to the species. Photo courtesy of  Paul McDonald (UNE) – Regent Honeyeater foraging on blossoms near Bundarra 24 May 2019.

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Controlling Privet in Armidale

Privet 1New England Weeds Authority has inspected the Armidale township for privet and letters for controlling this weed have been sent out to landholders.

The responsibility of landholders/occupiers is not to remove privet entirely but to keep it trimmed back and prevent the plant from flowering and fruiting. This is an ongoing task.

A better long term strategy is to remove it and replace it with a more desirable species, and there are many alternatives. Privet can be controlled by cutting the plant and painting the freshly cut surface with herbicide such as glyphosate (e.g. Round-Up). This is best done whilst the plant is actively growing.

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Seeding the future: Local Land Services Seed Bank stocks up

Steve Fields Tree SeederThe Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Seed Bank is sowing seeds of knowledge as well as seeding the expansion of native vegetation biodiversity across the region.

Image - Steve Field from Field Environmental Services explains how to use a direct tree seeder for revegetation.

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Love Thy Neighbour - Including the TSR

Helen Ward Fence LinesNorthern Tablelands Local Land Services is responsible for managing 46,700 hectares of Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs) which means they have many neighbours right across the region. They are committed to maintaining a neighbourly friendship with landholders who own farms alongside TSRs.

Image - Northern Tablelands LLS TSR Project Officer, Helen Ward, has marked out trees along a TSR east of Inverell so that the neighbouring landholder can replace the fence line.

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Release of Captive-Hatched Baby Bell's Turtles

Bells Turtle hatchling captive rearing programFifty baby turtles will provide a boost to the wild population of an endangered freshwater turtle species after they are released into the Macdonald River near Bendemeer this week.

Image - One of a group of over 260 juvenile Bell's Turtles in the research lab at UNE. They will be released at different sites around the region in a quest to conserve the species.

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Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme

casey schackow 1143889 unsplash320pCloses: 30th of June 2021 or when the $12 Million funding allocation is exhausted
Value: Up to $25,000 per farm enterprise
Run By: NSW Government Department of Primary Industries, Rural Assistance Authority
Eligible Primary Producers can claim a rebate of 25% of the cost of purchase, delivery and if applicable, the labour cost to engage a person to install water infrastructure for animal welfare needs.
The On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate scheme can be applied to costs incurred from 1st July 2018 for new purchases, and installation of pipes, water storages and water pumps, de-silting dams, and associated power supplies such as generators. Read more.

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Ideas? Action Planning Assistance Now Available for Groups

diego ph 249471smallIf you and your neighbours are keen to do landcare-type projects in your area, why not have a group get-together around the barbecue, and ask one of our Local Landcare Coordinators to come out and assist with some group action planning? We can also assist you to develop project idea(s) and source funding or other resources. The group need not be a formal landcare group, it could be just a keen group of neighbours.

Alternatively, if you are a member and would like to would like to 'shelve' your project idea(s) with us until a suitable opportunity arises, why not fill out a Southern New England Landcare Expression of Interest form? We can help members develop their project ideas, or include them in a regional-scale project idea, and submit to a suitable funding opportunity when the time comes. Anyone wishing to have an Expression of Interest held on file is required to be a member of Southern New England Landcare.

If you are interested in pursuing this further contact us by phone on 6772 9123 or at mail@snelandcare.org.au.

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