A Day in the Life of Your Soil

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A Day in the Life of Your Soil with David Hardwick 

When; 9.30am - 2.30pm Tuesday 14th November. 

Where; Newholme Field Laboratory, Newholme Rd (turn off New England Highway 8km north of Armidale).

Soil organisms are very important for agricultural productivity and the health of natural environments. They influence how much water enters and stays in your soil, nutrient cycling, drought resistance and pasture growth.

This half-day workshop will give you a first-hand, up-close look at the organisms in your soil and the management practices that can improve the benefits you get from them.

The workshop will be delivered by David Hardwick, an agroecologist with Soil Land Food. David’s unique presentation style guarantees you will learn a lot and have fun. David has worked with farmers all over Australia in grazing, cropping, sugar, cotton and dairy.

This workshop is for farmers in New England interested in harnessing the benefits of soil organisms for increased productivity and sustainability.

Event provided at no cost and includes free barbecue lunch.

RSVP to Armidale Tree Group. 6771 1620

https://snelandcare.org.aumail@snelandcare.org.au  | Facebook

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