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    Current Projects

    2016 - 2019 Closing the Gap for Threatened New England Fauna

    Funds: $99,998

    Source: NSW Environmental Trust

    Closing the Gap: functional habitat for threatened New England fauna will help close a key gap in habitat connectivity, between the Dangarsleigh-Enmore area in the east and the Mt Butler-Saumarez Ponds area in the west.

    TOFFieldDayOlmoTwelve landholders are protecting or restoring remnant woodland and planting new habitat corridors or stepping stones (at least 25-50m wide) totaling about 40 ha. More than 14,000 native tree and shrub seedlings will be planted and at least 6 km of fencing constructed. These on-ground works will build on those of previous projects and implement and demonstrate effective approaches to habitat restoration and revegetation design.

    Bird surveys are a feature of the project, as the group of birds present at a location is indicative of the ecological health or decline of the site. Bird surveys are being used as a monitoring tool, to track the health of areas in the Southern New England region, and these surveys will help assess progress landholders are making.

    Three field events will demonstrate effective approaches to habitat management; assist community members to observe and monitor the bird life (and hence ecological health) of different places in their locality or on their properties; and help land managers design and implement biodiverse and functional habitat restoration activities.

    ‘Closing the Gap’ is part of SNEL’s long-term commitment to work with local organizations and landholders to restore, rehabilitate, re-connect and monitor the health of woodland and pasture areas across our region.

    For further information or to enquire about upcoming field events call us on 6772 9123 or send an email here.


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