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    'Urandangie' featured at Malpas Catchment field day

    Urandangie crowd 1320More than 50 people, including Mayor Simon Murray, attended a field day hosted by the Malpas Catchment Group at Bill and Jacqui Perrottet's property 'Urandangie' near Guyra on 31st July 2019.

    Image - part of the crowd at a site along Urandangie Creek which has been fenced as a riparian zone. Courtesy Karen Zirkler.

    Urandangie woolshed 1 320Bill talked about the why and how of fencing off riparian areas on Urandangie.

    "The benefits include efficient stock mustering, minimising stock deaths from bogged animals and substantially reducing livestock health issues through improved water-quality and reduced rates of liver fluke infection," said Bill.

    He also talked about the reduced maintenance of fences and flood-gates along creek lines damaged by floods.

    Bill explained how his approach is enabling him to hold clean water for longer in creeks through the construction of leaky weirs in areas away from major creek lines.

    He finished by sharing details about his approach to whole farm-planning including fencing, water infrastructure and livestock movements and how he optimises production in the good times while also working towards improving environmental outcomes on the farm.

    Bill also uses precision fertiliser technology on Urandangie.

    Milton Curkpatrick from Precision Pastures explained some of the theory and details behind this technology and approach.

    The crowd also learnt about Bill's special breed of goats - the 'Urandangie Brown', which is well-adapted to New England winters and does a great job at weed control.

    There were some great discussions in the paddock - the fun bit - with visits to two sites along Urandangie Creek.

    A delicious lunch was enjoyed by all at the conclusion of the event, thanks to Jacqui Perrottet.

    All in all, it was a great day showcasing an innovatively managed property.

    Southern New England Landcare are grateful to Bill and Jacqui Perrottet and the rest of the Malpas Catchment group for the work they put in for the day.

    It's certainly impressive to see what has been done at Urandangie.

    Along with the rest of the New England, Urandangie is feeling the effects of drought, but nevertheless it's a great example of what can be done to protect important environmental assets while also benefiting productivity through improved health and management of livestock.

    Image - the crowd enjoying speakers in the Urandangie woolshed.

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