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    Completed Projects

    Bushfire Recovery: animal welfare and veterinary workshops

    Funds: $15,787

    Source: Northern Tablelands Local Land Services in partnership withe the Australian Government's National Landcare Program.

    During the months from February to May 2021, this project provided landholders and community members opportunities to train to increase their knowledge and capacity for Animal Welfare and Veterinary recovery measures resulting from bushfires. These opportunities extended measures to improve their overall preparedness in the event of similar events in the future across 6 local areas in the Southern New England.

    2020 Maximising Plant Survival Short Film

    Funds: $5000

    Source: Northern Tablelands Local Land Services

    Achieving successful revegetation is not easy. Numerous steps in the process have to be well done in order to attain success. Given the significant human and economic resources required to revegetate an area, maximising plant survival is imperative. This short informative video - Maximising Plant Survival Post-Planting - is a good resource for landholders undertaking revegetation projects. Watch the film here.

    2020 Revegetating Urandangie Creek

    Funds: $5000

    Source: Northern Tablelands Local Land Services

    Considerable work has been done along Urandangie Creek near Guyra, as part of the High Country Urban Biodiversity Project and by the owner of 'Urandangie'. Inspired by this, adjacent landholders on Urandangie Creek started to protect this important tributary to the region's water supply (Malpas Dam). This grant purchased plants for a section of Urandangie Creek that has been fenced (and off-stream water infrastrucutre constructed).

    2020-2021 Community Events

    Funds: $16,460

    Source: Primary Health Network (PHN) Hunder New England and Central Coast

    We will run 8 community events across the region for drought affected landholders and community members between June 2020 and June 2021.

    Kentucky Community BBQ & Rain Dance

    Funds: $3500

    Source: Rural Adversity Mental Health Program and Harnham Landcare Group - a sub-group of Southern New England Landcare Ltd

    Folks in the Kentucky, Wollun, Uralla, Walcha, or Woolbrook areas were invited to take a break from the drought on Saturday 2nd November 2019. Harnham Landcare group and Southern New England Landcare hosted a free Kentucky Community BBQ and Rain-Dance with catering by Dale and Dani Goodwin of Fat Butcher BBQ, live music by Pantor, kids face painting and more.

    Managing Holistically Out Of The Drought

    Funds: $8000

    Source: Landcare Australia Ltd

    Are you ready for rain? What will the next rain bring you? What will you change in preparation for the next dry spell? What are you learning from this one? These are just some of the questions that Dr Judi Earl had local graziers investigating when she returned to the Southern New England on 26th September 2019 to run a three-day course, 'Managing Holistically Out of the Drought'.

    2019 Managing Priority Environmental Pest Animals & Alert Species

    Funds: $10,000

    Source: This project is funded through Northern Tablelands Local Land Services under the Feral Fighters Program.

    The aim of this project is to educate the community on best practice control methods of feral cat and Indian Myna in peri urban areas and promote new technologies and strategies including Feral Catc Scan, Indian Myna Scan and Feral Fighters.

    2019 Managing Established Pest Animals and Weeds

    Funds: $6300

    Source: This project was supported by the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Landcare NSW through funding received from the Established Pest Animals and Weeds initiative, part of the Australian Government's Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, the government's plan for stronger farmers and a stronger economy.

    Did you know that if your dog or cat leaves home, your BFF is taking a BIG risk:

    • Injury from fighting risks lifelong problems and expensive vet bills.
    • Unrestrained dogs on farmland are at risk of being shot to protect livestock.
    • Cats on farmland are at risk of being treated like a feral, and trapped or shot to protect wildlife like the endangered Regent Honeyeater.

    2017-2019 Trees on Small Farms Partnership Project

    Funds: $60,000

    Source: Northern Tablelands Local Land Services

    Native vegetation provides significant benefits for domestic livestock, native wildlife and ecosystem health... even on small farms. This project will fund smaller (<200ha) landholders in the Armidale, Guyra, Uralla and Walcha areas to plan and undertake revegetation projects that suit their individual needs, thanks to a partnership project with the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services.

    2016-2019 Centennial Avenue Rehabilitation of Dumaresq Creek

    Funds: $83,700

    Source: NSW Environmental Trust

    Armidale Urban Rivercare Group - a sub group of Southern New England Landcare Ltd, won this grant to restore another 3.2 hectares of native vegetation along 490m of Dumaresq Creek in Armidale, adding to the 4.3km already restored since 2002, by treating weeds, removing waste and planting 21,000 tubestock. More than 500 volunteers donated 2320 in ind hours to do this work which is almost complete.

    2016-17 Agroforestry Peer Group Mentoring

    Funds: $49,983

    Source:National Landcare Program

    Contract: SGR1-0264

    This project will increase the capacity and knowledge of farmers to productively and sustainably manage grazing lands on the Northern Tablelands while also providing future income streams from agroforestry, increasing profitability. It will also improve adoption of appropriate agroforestry management practices that will increase production while maintaining and enhancing the natural resource base.

    2016 - 2019 Closing the Gap for Threatened New England Fauna

    Funds: $99,998

    Source: NSW Environmental Trust

    Closing the Gap: functional habitat for threatened New England fauna will help close a key gap in habitat connectivity, between the Dangarsleigh-Enmore area in the east and the Mt Butler-Saumarez Ponds area in the west.

    2015-2017 Quollity Koala Corridors & Questions

    Funds: $96,004

    Source: NSW Environmental Trust

    Contract: 2014/RR/0002

    In partnership with Citizens Wildlife Corridors we will enhance and protect key wildlife movement corridors by planting new vegetation and protecting remnant vegetation. The Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) and Spotted Tail Quoll (Dasyurus maculatus) are taking centre stage as iconic species being protected. The project will also survey birds as indicator species for assessment of habitat health.

    2014-2015 All the Dirt lll

    Funds: $20,000

    Source: 2014-15 25th Anniversary of Landcare Grants

    Contract: 25ALG-660

    Southern New England Landcare's Malpas Catchment Group will focus on ways to regenerate healthy soil-pasture systems. ‘All the Dirt III’ helped landholders of the Malpas Catchment and Guyra area participate in a 10-month series of class room and farm days to better understand their soils and the relationship between inputs, outputs, soil and pasture analyses, stock management and overall productivity. This project aimed to increase productivity, build capacity of the grazing community to analyse their resource base, and increase knowledge and skills of participants to make management changes for positive production and environmental outcomes.

    2015-2016 Ascent Community Care Program

    Funds: $32,400

    Source: The Ascent Group and the Australian Government

    Contract: SNEL MOU Ascent 2

    The Ascent Group Drought Support Project 2 aims to increase access to community based mental health services for those in drought affected or drought recovery areas. Services include one to one counselling, local community engagement activities and events to increase awareness of mental health issues and link people to appropriate supports and services.

    2014-2016 Moths Magpies & Marsupials

    Funds: $99,898

    Source: NSW Environmental Trust

    Contract: 2013/RR/0089

    Moths, Magpies & Marsupials is enabling 11 member landholders to rehabilitate and revegetate 20 sites on 11 properties in the Southern New England with the aim of connecting fragmented native vegetation and enhancing biodiversity.

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