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    Current Projects

    2021-2022 Protecting New England Biodiversity

    This project will develop landholder networks to enable landholders undertaking private land conservation (PLC) to develop knowledge and obtain peer support. It will assist them to feel more connected and supported in their private land conservation activities.

    During the project Southern New England Landcare will coordinate field days and similar events that activate peer to peer learning about private land conservation. We will also develop a case study, where PLC landholders share “in their own words” stories to assist others.

    This project will commence September 2021 and be completed by December 2022. Funding for this project has been sourced from the partnership between Landcare NSW Inc and the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust.

    2020 Northern Tablelands Koala Partnership Project

    The Northern Tablelands region has been identified as an important area for the future of koalas. It has several koala populations that are not subject to the same population and development pressures as those on the coast. The region may also be more resilient to the impacts of a changing climate.

    Dedicated staff capacity has been identified as a limiting factor in delivering successful conservation programs. In the 2020-21 financial year, the Northern Tablelands Koala Conservation Project will be part-funded by the Saving our Species Iconic Koala Project. Significant in-kind contributions from partner organisations will ensure the ambitious objectives of the project can be met.

    2020-2023 Re-connecting Thunderbolt Country

    Funds: $99,996

    Source: NSW Environmental Trust

    A grant to the value of $100,000 has been awarded so that landholders in the Uralla district can restore habitat connectivity for threatened fauna and flora.

    2019 - 2023 Local Landcare Coordinator

    Funds: $323,490

    Source: The NSW Landcare Program 2019-2023 is a partnership between LLS and Landcare. It buids on a number of previous Landcare Support Programs, the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative and regional Landcare investment made through National Landcare Program and Catchment Action.

    This project funds the employment of 0.75 FTE Local Coordinators for the Southern New England Region from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2023. The NSW Landcare Program 2019-2023 supports Local Landcare Coordinator positions right across the State. At Southern New England Landcare, the role is job-shared and supplemented with wages from other projects.

    2019 - 2021 Mustering Members 4 Climate Change Challenges

    Funds: $47,215

    Source: National Landcare Program Phase 2 Smart Farm Small Grants

    This project will build awareness, knowledge and skills among at least 280 members and friends of Southern New England Landcare, around four topics that align with natural resource management and sustainable agriculture priorities identified in our Strategic Plan: feral animal control, revegetation, grazing and pasture management, and soil health.

    2021 Agroforestry Peer Group Mentoring Service

    Southern New England Landcare boasts six local landholders who have been trained in Peer Mentoring for Agroforestry type projects. If you or someone you know would like to find out how to go about an agroforestry project on some land in the Southern New England region, we are happy to set you up in the process. Here's how it works:

    1. Make contact with us and tell us a bit about what you think you would like to do. It might be some kind of food tree production, native trees and shrubs, shelter belts or any other agroforestry idea.
    2. We then make contact with those of our peer mentors who who have skills in the area of your interest, and set up an appropriate time for 2-3 of them to visit you on your property.
    3. The mentors spend 2-3 hours with you on your property, taking a look around and asking you lots of questions and discussing ideas and taking some photos.
    4. The lead mentor will then prepare a site visit report for you (approx 12 pages), detailing everything discussed, including possible ways forward, with useful links, contacts and even species lists.
    5. You then have access to another 2 vists from your chosen mentor over the next 12 months to support you in your endeavours.

    The cost of the program is $100 plus GST. Please contact our office by email or phone 02 6772 9123.

    2019-2023 Turning the Tide for the Regent Honeyeater

    The Regent Honeyeater is a unique Australian songbird on the verge of extinction, with fewer than 400 estimated to survive in the wild.

    At this level every individual counts, and the Northern Tablelands is significant for the conservation of this critically endangered species as breeding pairs regularly establish nests in our region.

    The “Turning the tide on threatened species - Regent Honeyeater” project is supported with funding over 5 years by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

    2020 Armidale Urban Planting Maintenance

    Funds: $29,000 per year

    Source: Armidale Regional Council

    The Armidale Urban Planting Maintenance (AUPM) partnership project was developed to manage Armidale’s urban environmental assets. Works coordination, reporting, monitoring and evaluation are the responsibility of staff from Southern New England Landcare Ltd, while contractors conduct works and the AUPM working group provides advice and feedback. Maintenance works include removal of weeds, planting, trimming branches and mulching application.

    The program, running since 2104, is made possible with the on-going financial support and direction provided by Armidale Regional Council.

    2020 Schools Program

    Since 2008, Southern New England Landcare has offered a Schools Landcare Program under the guidance of our part time Landcare Coordinator (Urban & Youth). Useful resources for interested schools include:

    2020-2021 Malpas Catchment Project

    Funds: $20,000 per annum

    Source: Armidale Regional Council

    Members began the Malpas Catchment Project in 1997 to improve natural resource management, sustainable and profitable landuse, and water quality in the Malpas and Guyra Dams and Macleay River Catchment. Since then, the project has seen a long-term comittment for support from Armdidale Regional Council to support a part time role to support the Malpas Catchment Group, and activities within the catchment.

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    Do you have a project that could benefit from a grant? Would you neighbours like to particpate?

    Our Landcare Coordinator can help develop project ideas, action plan next steps, and source funding!

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